The Cost of Magic


The National League of Typographers is meeting in Atlanta. At least, that’s what most people think. It’s actually a (the first?) mage convention.

Adrean wanders through the convention, having heard that some things from Second Chance Industries would be unveiled.

Jade stops by to say hello, but then goes about her exploring.

Loom and Theo are picked out of the crowd and asked to set up a table. They do so, both of them enjoying the attention. While they sign autographs, Jakob brings over a strange rock to have them look at.

It seems to completely lack space, but gives off some prime vibes. Loom tries his best to convince to Jakob to let him keep it. Jakob finally agrees to let him hold onto it for study, as long as he promises to give it back.

Everyone is called in to see the the headlining speaker, Anan Mikolo.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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