Charm DeVoid

"It's okay to be overwhelmed. I'm quite magnificent."


He’d read about this ocean in the old books he found in Del’s office. The sea at the end of the world. Sorcerers supposedly came here to get rid of things they didn’t want anymore. Things that they wanted to erase from existence.

Charm stood on the shore and looked out over the red expanse of water. It went further than he could see and stained the sand deep crimson. The waves licked at his sneakers and the air was heavy with something like rotting apples.

He held the knife in his hand loosely, hanging at his side. He’d tried so hard, but he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t strong enough to cut through the bone.

Blood ran down his chest and soaked into his pants. He’d tought maybe cutting out his heart would be the easiest. His plan had been to just jump in, but he didn’t want to die and he definitely didn’t want to be forgotten. Then he thought to cut off the most abyssal parts, but he couldn’t reach his wings. So, the heart.

Tearing through the skin was painful, but it didn’t even compare to what he felt when he thought Ash and New Orleans.

“What are you doing?” Lucian said from behind him.

Charm didn’t turn around. “How did you find me?”

“Blood. You’ve got my blood running through your veins. I can always find you.”

“Why didn’t you stop me?” He’d meant to say “us”.

There was a pause. “We tried.” Then a quick, indrawn breath. “Who’s blood is that?”

Charm looked down at the knife. The blade was still covered in the red mess and a few, fat drops had fallen and splattered on the sand.
“Don’t worry. It’s all mine.”

“Are you,” Lucian faltered.

“Am I okay?” Charm looked over his shoulder at him, smiling because he was just so tired. “Pretty fucking far from okay. Can you help me?”

Lucian furrowed his brow. “With what?”

Charm turned and stepped closer. “I can’t get through, what is it called? The solar plexus? That’s a weird name for a bone, right?”

Lucian gasped as his eyes settled on the damage Charm had done to himself. “Christ. What’d you do?”

“You’re the hero, right? One of the good guys? You should love this. Cutting out the heart of the villain?” Tears started to slip down Charm’s cheeks. “I just can’t get through. I can start an apocalypse, but I can’t cut through a stupid bone. Or is it cartilage?” He laughed, or maybe it was a sob.

Lucian stepped closer and put his hand over Charm’s on the hilt. “Stop it.”


Born in Gardenview during Katrina from a father’s rape of his daughter, Charm was actually a half-human, half-Abyssal demigod spawned by the Abyssal goddess Celano, consort and enemy of Choronzon, by using the seed of thirteen men, Lucian Blair among them.

Embodying many of the chaotically creative aspects of his mother, Charm’s was both highly emotional and unashamedly sexual. When he first arrived in the world, he was worshipped as a god by a sex cult. The leader of the cult, a priest of Celano named Samuel and the father whose sin brought Charm into the world, eventually turned against Charm. Charm was saved by the mages of Purgatory, but his father Lucian declared that he wanted nothing to do with him.

Charm came to be under the service of Del’rocchio, for whom he did terrible things to help bring about the End of All Things. Despite his connection to Del’rocchio, Charm was fascinated by those individuals who dared to challenge his power and often joined them on missions. It was in this way that he met and ultimately fell in love with Ash, which led to him saving the world by betraying his closest, albeit evil, friend Del’rocchio.

Charm DeVoid

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