Easter West

Hallowed Awakened


Easter is the songwriter and lead singer of 13th Step.

He’s awkward and shy, often ducking out of parties early or trying to go unnoticed in a dark corner. People tend to approach him first about the band. He responds by hiding behind Sebastian or Jay and deferring to Drake.

He’s from King’s Cross. Prior to joining the band, he only ever did open mic nights and the occasional bit of karaoke at a local bar, Nag’s Head, run by Braden Knaggs.

Braden took particular interest in Easter and his music and worked hard to get Easter to come out of his shell.

Easter was homeschooled, so there is little to find before his sudden fame. Since stumbling into the public eye, he’s had a fair share of tragedy.

His house blew up, doing pretty severe damage to the surrounding area. It took out several other homes, killing three people and injuring seven. He was not home at the time and has never been considered a suspect in the arson.

Easter’s father has been missing since then and Braden was found dead a few days after that.

A girl was seen leaving a bar in Cardiff with Easter, Jay, and Sebastian. Her body was later found in their motel room. The autopsy found that she’d died of an overdose long after the boys had checked out.

Easter West

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