Marcus Kaaster

The Heiromagus


Born Marcus Kaaster, Gabriel is the prophesied savior of mages. The prophecy had originally been misattributed to Sid J who, as it turned out, was meant to serve as Gabe’s protector, ensuring his safety until he awakened. He is J’s live-in boyfriend and runs the Shiloh House, a charity started by J for runaway and homeless youth. Since taking leadership of the Shiloh House, Gabriel has admitted that he was molested by his stepfather until he ran away from home and became a prostitute and that his goals are to make sure that the homeless youth don’t have to share his experiences.

It is believed he will ultimately defeat the Exarchs and return the balance between the Fallen and the Supernal realms. Although he is still a new mage, his ability to mimic the powers of other mages’ spells is a subject of much interest and concern. His awakening as a Banisher also poses some concern, particularly among the Guardians of the Veil that are tasked with observing him.

Marcus Kaaster

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