World Class Psychic Spy


Sometimes dressed in comfortable clothes: t-shirt, cargo pants, sneakers. Though many might confuse him with ex-military by the way he carries himself, which is only heightened while wearing a suit.
Always willing to flash a toothy grin even in the most dire of circumstances.
Confident and adventurous to a fault.
Seems to stare at nothing while moving his hands as if doing complex math equations when performing extended casting or improvised spells.


Jakob Masters is a telepath. He has other powers, but most of them remained unknown, until recently. He is the only son of Hugh Masters, an Army Major General who had been involved in black ops programs for the bulk of his career, many that he had to keep secret from his own family. Jakob’s relationship with his father was a troubling one since he cannot remember large chunks of his childhood, which Jakob still blames his father for the gaps in his memory.

After his parent’s “mysterious death” when Jakob’s powers manifested during a heated argument, he fled their home in the Crescent City as far and as fast as he could. Obviously the authorities wanted to question the youth about the incident after General Masters’ untimely death, yet Jakob did whatever he could to survive, stay hidden, and fill the hole in his mind. Over the next 4 years or so Jakob found himself on the streets of New York, became a cocaine addict, discovered more of his latent abilities, and had turned to petty theft and burglary to maintain his habit. This exciting life he’d crafted for himself came to a screeching halt when he was picked up on a burglary and possession charge after a job went south.

Things looked grim. Facing the maximum sentence in addition to be extradited back to Louisiana where he would face trial for the murder of his parents, until he was recruited for the Coalition of Research Arcana and Supernatural Heuristics, which at the time didn’t mean squat to Jakob, other than a second chance.

While not a complete novice to the supernatural, having discovered his psychic abilities at the age of 13, his time with CRASH was indeed an eye opener. Mad clones bent on world domination, ruins of ancient spacecraft, genetically modified werewolves, androids. Jakob didn’t awaken because he was “destined” to, but because he needed to in order to confront these threats to the world. Even then, his awakening wasn’t like a traditional mage, rather in the manner of the Adelphim, masters of pre-Atlantean magic whose methods seem more like scientific proofs than mysticism. After CRASH disbanded everyone went their separate ways. For a time Jakob collaborated with a former contact named Diana and began to have deeper feelings for her. Unfortunately Jakob’s nature wouldn’t let him settle. He needed something more. As he began to forge his soul in the same manner of the Adelphim had for eons, he dug into what little data he’d collected as a CRASH agent.

This data led him all over the world: the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, temples of Vijayanagara in India, the temples of Karnak in Egypt, the ancient ruins on Malta, Bolivia’s 14,000 year-old Puma Punku ruins, the Incan ruins of Sacsayhuam├ín in Peru, the Carnac stones of France, and Zorats Karer in Armenia. No matter where he went, he collected samples of pre-Atlantean magick and data attempting to understand the legacy the Adelphim had left behind even uncovering an ancient device his mystical peers would call an artifact. Recently he’d been called to a an Initiative led dig in the Arctic where several stones have been unearthed that seem to be nonexistent yet still physically in our realm.


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