Sebastian Chandler

Glitched Oracle


The bassist for the 13th Step. He is easily the worst musician in the band and openly admits to it.

Prior to joining the band, Sebastian was busy being a very poor student in a boarding school in Amsterdam.

He and his friends were self-styled anarchists. They enjoyed V for Vendetta, punk rock, psychedelics, and the occult.

Other students report hearing Sebastian and his friends talking about big plans for Halloween. Better than a ouija board or seance, they were going to do something even more amazing.

After Halloween, two of Sebastian’s friends went missing. His best friend and roommate, Freddie, attempted suicide. His parents pulled him out of school and have since institutionalized himo. The remaining two told police and counselors that they don’t remember Halloween or anything for the entire week after.

Sebastian has decided school is no longer for him. He convinced Easter to teach him how to play bass so he can be a rockstar.

Sebastian Chandler

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