The Jade Dragon

"This is a bad idea"


Clad in homespun loose silk cultivated by mystically gifted spiders. Her hair often wound up with a spare kunai. Earth under her fingernails from tending to lush gardens. Petite and quiet with a soul of a warrior, a calmness worn like a mantle even while surrounded by the darkest evil.


Your fate is in your hands.
When the spirit is enlightened the mind is free and the body maters not.
Many roads leads to the Great Path, only the willing will find the way.
A river tells no lies yet standing on the shore a dishonest man still hears them.
You can never reach enlightenment unless you believe you are worthy, the success or failure of your deeds doesn’t add up to the sum of your life.
The universe is vast and we are so small, there is only one thing we can truly control.
Either we are good or evil.

The Jade Dragon

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