Theo Matthews

Anarchist, Archmage, Rock Star


“This is a closed meeting,” he said.

Theo strode past the guard, into the center of the room. “That’s what the last tenants of the building said too. Glad to see nothing’s changed. Wait, no, not glad. ”/characters/gabriel-kaaster" class=“wiki-content-link”>Gabe, what’s the word I’m looking for?"

“Furious.” Gabe looked grim.

“That’s it. That’s the word.”

Liz startled at the sudden interruption. “What’s happening?”

“Archeppos, you’ve usurped the Shiloh House for your own gain, pitting mage children against mortals and others.” Lex looked directly at Archeppos, avoiding his mother’s eyes.

Archeppos folded his hands in front of him.

Gabe continued Lex’s point.“If you keep interfering in my work, I will ban all mages from the facility.”

Archeppos spoke evenly. His face remained calm, like a reflecting pool, but something stirred beneath the surface. “That wouldn’t be wise. There are many new mages, and they need support. A comfortable place to be. Incentives to keep them from becoming Scelesti, or Seers.”

“Or Unaligned. Like Theo and me.” Gabe smiled ruefully.

Archeppos tilted his head. “That is a concern yes.”

“You can’t control them if they’re unaligned.” Lex’s voice was heavy with understanding. “The Consilium only has as much power over them as they can inspire.”

“I’m not feeling very inspired,” Theo crossed his arms, only now realizing how many people were in the room. How many eyes were on them.

“I’m not convinced I have to answer the demands of someone with no ties to this council.” Archeppos was so still, he barely even seemed to breathe.

“Then answer mine. I’m asking the same question.” Liz said.

Archeppos sighed. Like what he was saying was so obvious it was ridiculous to speak it aloud. “Unaligned mages are undisciplined. Out of control. One need only look into the center of this room to see it. Their power relies on sheer force rather than cunning. They are sledge hammers. And they will become victims. I am doing only what I believe is in the best interests of the city.”

Theo crossed the distance and leaned in close enough for Archeppos to smell the pot smoke on his breath. “If any of you fucking high horse mages had ever spent five goddamned minutes listening to sound of someone’s voice besides your own, I wouldn’t be unaligned.”

Archeppos sat up straighter in his high-backed chair. “I’m not afraid of you, Imperial.”

“I can tell. The wards, the magic paper, all this effort you’re putting into making sure no one else ends up like me. You’re not scared at all.”

Archeppos pushed his chair back, barely an inch, but it was enough.

“Interference in Shiloh House will stop immediately. And action will be taken to ensure that is the case.” Liz’s voice was a gavel.

Archeppos still held Theo’s eyes. “You can’t make this decision for all of us, Elizabeth. I call for a vote.”

“Fine.” Liz put up her hands. “Let’s have a vote. All in favor of pissing off Theo, the only Imperial mage in this city.”

Archeppos shook his head. “That’s not the vote I called.”

“But it’s the vote you’re making me call.”

“Nay. That’s my vote.” After the first, the rest came in quick succession.

Archeppos looked away. Toward Liz, like it didn’t matter. Like he wasn’t backing down. “I abstain.”

“The nays have it.” Liz said. “This Consilium will have nothing more to do with Shiloh House, as it should’ve been from the beginning.”

Theo conjured up his sweetest smile for Archeppos.

Archeppos frowned deeply at him. “Without order, you court chaos.”

“You want to know what I court?” Theo stood up, moving back to the middle of the room, working the crowd. “Fucking love, you piece of shit coward. I want to feed Hasathramawe music and good times. I want all the kids to have a safe place to go, not just the mages. I want to know that when the monsters come, everyone will stand together and fight them instead of squabbling with each other about who is better or has more power. I’m not an anarchist. I’m just tired of dealing with insecure fucks making my home a shitty place to be. New Orleans is better than that. It’s better than you.”


The night Theo was born, Metarie was struck by a freak lightning storm. Which isn’t too surprising, as it turns out that he’s actually a reincarnated Oracle sent back to earth to ensure the safety of Gabriel Kaaster, the Heiromagus.

His father is Stark. His mentor was Grandfather Bones. The fact that he’s an archmage now makes many mages nervous. It’s too much power, especially for someone so… uncontrolled.

Since his awakening at fourteen, Theo had been trying to gain access to the Consilium. At first, he was ignored for being insignificant. Then, he was ignored because Bones had laid claim to him. And finally, he was hunted and spied on by the Guardians of the Veil because they thought he was a threat. Finally, after a heated confrontation, maybe out of fear, they offered him a seat on the council.

Fame (We’re Gonna Live Forever)

Theo is the lead guitarist for the Emo/Pop/Punk band Purgatory and the short lived indie band Roarshack. For the mundane, he’s a talented musician with a deep love for the rock star lifestyle. For Supernaturals, he’s either a bastion of hope or a big damn threat to the “masquerade”.

His lyrics tend toward the magical, if one knows what to listen for, and live shows are pumped up with subtle magic effects. And his guitar work is unreal (psst, his guitar is magic!)

Theo Matthews

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