Tony Denchtt

Romani, Rock Star


“Yeah. Maybe Lucian and you are right. Maybe the world’s gone far enough ahead, and maybe we should stop trying to be…” He leaned back and laughed at himself. “I’m a fucking poser.”

Theo raised his eyebrows, taking another drag off his cigarette, waiting for an explanation about what just happened in Tony’s head to get there.

“We were supposed to go out there and show the world its face. Fuck shit up. Fight the man. Now here I am telling you to tone it down because people might not get it and we don’t wanna make too many waves. Well, I guess not a poser. I’m a sell-out is what I am.”

“I think we all are. Fuck.”

“Yeah, well we’ve all made mistakes.” Tony looked out across the Mississippi River, letting the silence sink in for a bit. “Wanna fix it?”


“Unicorns. Fucking unicorns and rainbows.”


Tony Denchtt

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