Topher Renolds


Topher is immortal. Not in that he can’t die— more like death just stick. His father was a brilliant scientist, working for Second Chance Industries. When he discovered that Topher had contracted AIDs in the early 80s, he did his best to save his son. The combination of magic and science has made Topher unable to age or stay dead.


Topher grew up with his best friends, some girl I don’t remember and Charlie Mabry. When Stark discovered that Charlie was his half brother, he went to kill Charlie’s whole family. Topher managed to talk him down. Stark has always been grateful for that.


Topher joined CRASH after they rescued him from Second Chance. Sharing some of his father’s brilliance and now supernatural, SCI had no intention of ever letting him go.

The something something school

Topher now does something at a school for kids with unexplained powers.


Topher Renolds

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